With funding from the Lifeboat Foundation of Chicago, the Chijnaya Foundation has offered scholarships since 2007 to high school graduates to pursue higher education in regional technical schools or universities.

The Foundation’s scholarship students are pursuing advanced training in a variety of fields, including nursing, agronomy, anthropology, accounting, civil engineering, mining engineering, sociology, auto mechanics, k-12 teaching, tourism, information technology, and business administration.

At present 28 young scholars are receiving partial funding to cover the costs of room, board, and books. The 2010 scholarship winners come from five communities (Chijnaya, Ccotos, Tuni Requena, Tuni Grande, and Coarita); next year graduating seniors from additional communities (Requena, Llliijllica, Huancarani, and Pucarayllo) will also be eligible to apply.

A donation to the Chijnaya Foundation of $800 provides a full university scholarship for one year; $400 provides a full scholarship at a technical institute. Most of our young scholars receive partial scholarships.

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