Special Needs Outreach

Inspired by the ambition of a young sight-impaired teenager in the community of Chijnaya to go to school and learn career skills, the Foundation extended assistance to that individual and later to an educational facility specializing in adaptive skills and education, the Centro de Educación Básica Especial para Ciegos “Nuestra Señora de Copacabana, to acquire computer equipment, Spanish Braille keyboards, and voice-prompted software. The student from Chijnaya, Diner Callata, thrived in his studies, finally reaching his goal of attending mainstream high school in Puno and completing vocational-technical training.

A student at the Puno Centro de Educación Básica working on a class essay using voice prompted software and a Spanish Braille keyboard.

The computer improvements continue to be an important tool for current students at the Puno facility for the blind, and the facility has itself evolved to include other students with special needs, including students with Down Syndrome and cerebral palsy. In 2008, 2009 and 2010 the Foundation assisted with various institutional needs, including specially-equipped wheelchairs and a first aid facility.

Student at the Centro
Student at the Centro

The school works successfully with students with various adaptive needs and aims in most cases to assist students in making the transition to mainstream educational institutions.

Student at the Centro

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