Health and the Environment

The Altiplano Water Program

The Chijnaya Foundation and Pro-DIA partnered with Water Charity and the National Peace Corps Association to implement 10 water infrastructure projects in 2018 and 2019. 

Dental Health Program

Chijnaya Foundation, in collaboration with the Peruvian American Dental Association (PADA), inaugurated a sustainable oral health program with a special five-day clinic in Chijnaya, to be followed by monthly services at the community’s health post. Our goal is to create a pilot project that can demonstrate the possibility of achieving improved oral health in poor remote Andean communities.

"Suma Quta" Clean Water Project

The Suma Quta (pronounced “Sue-muh koh-tuh”) Project began in 2009 and combines the efforts of numerous Peru- and U.S.-based nonprofits and universities, as well as regional government agencies in Puno, Peru, in developing public information about water quality and appropriate technologies and best practices for communities that have water sources that are risky or dangerous for human consumption.

Health Care Promotion

In Chijnaya basic preventive and primary health care is provided by the nurse assigned to the community’s Health Post by Peru’s Ministry of Health (MOH). More complex medical problems are referred to the Health Center in Pucara, some 6 kilometers away, staffed by a physician, midwife, nurse, and, occasionally, a dentist.

Indoor Air Pollution and Women’s Health

Respiratory ailments caused by indoor air pollution plague many rural residents of Puno, where biomass in the form of dung and straw is still the main source of energy for households, accounting for 60 to 90 percent of cooking and heating. Women and young children are at greatest risk because their household responsibilities—principally cooking and child care– result in high exposure to pollutants from unventilated stoves and fireplaces.

Chijnaya Health Post and Staff

Advocating on behalf of the Chijnaya community with Ministry of Health and other governmental officials in Pucara, the location of the nearest MOH Health Center, for daily staffing of the Chijnaya Health Post by a nurse. The support of the Chijnaya Foundation has been crucial in improving the facilities and staffing of the Chijnaya Health Post in a number of ways.

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