Chijnaya Health Post and Staff

In an expression of gratitude and support for the reactivated service, the Chijnaya community, without assistance from the Foundation, built a one-room house for Vicentina so she can spend the night in Chijnaya as needed. Normally she commutes from her home in Pucará to Chijnaya (about 6 kilometers) by motorcycle.

The improvements in the facilities and presence of Nurse Vicentina, as well as growing collaboration with the staff at the Health Center in Pucara, have been essential to the Foundation’s ability to offer the special health promotion campaigns and the Oral Health Program that have developed in recent years.

The support of the Chijnaya Foundation has been crucial in improving the facilities and staffing of the Chijnaya Health Post in a number of ways:

  • Initiating the rehabilitation of the interior of the health post
  • Installation of running water and a sink
  • Upgrading the electrical system, resurfacing the floor, and painting the walls.
  • Supporting the addition of walls in the formerly open patient waiting area so that community members have protection from rain, wind, and sun as they await medical attention.
  • Providing the Health Post in Chijnaya and the Health Center in Pucara with computers to improve staff members’ capacity to keep records and prepare reports.
  • Financing the construction of hygienic facilities for the health post, namely, a small building with a shower and two flushing toilets and provision of hand-washing facilities.
  • Advocating on behalf of the Chijnaya community with Ministry of Health and other governmental officials in Pucara, the location of the nearest MOH Health Center, for daily staffing of the Chijnaya Health Post by a nurse. The Chijnaya Health
  • Post had been deactivated some year earlier. Through a concerted effort on the part of nurse Vicentina Alta Turpo, with assistance from the Foundation, bureaucratic obstacles were overcome, and the Health Post reinstated as the official MOH entity in 2010. As a result Vicentina attends patients five days a week at the Chijnaya Health Post.

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