Funding a named scholarship is a wonderful way to pay tribute to a loved one’s memory or to create opportunities for students who are pursuing a specific field of study. Please email [email protected] if you would like more information on how you can create a named scholarship.

Stephen O. Murray Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Stephen O. Murray (1950-2019) a sociologist, anthropologist and independent scholar whose writings and personal life were devoted to advancing the cause of human rights. He wrote and contributed to more than 20 books and published studies in sociolinguistics, the history of social sciences, sexuality, and historical and cross-cultural studies of cultural and social forces that shape human behavior and identity throughout the world.

 In honor of Stephen’s extensive research and dedication to causes involving human behavior and human rights, the Stephen O. Murray Scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student who exemplifies outstanding character and leadership and demonstrates an interest in using their studies to advance causes involving human rights, civil rights, equality, justice, gender rights, civic participation, linguistic preservation, or cultural preservation.


The Scholarship Program for Rural Youth

Paul and Polly Doughty Scholarship

This scholarship honors Paul and Polly Doughty for their lifelong scholarship and commitment to the people of the Peruvian Andes. Paul and Polly mentored and supported generations of applied anthropologists and made major scholarly contributions to the field. As members of the Board of the Chijnaya Foundation the Doughty’s engaged with efforts to improve the lives of people by sharing their
wisdom about Andean culture as well as thru generous contributions of time and resources. Their work in highland Peru spanned more than six decades and reflects their deep and enduring appreciation of the richness of Andean life and culture.


CARI Scholarship

Members of the Collasuyu Archaeological Research Institute created this scholarship to encourage the study of Andean culture and hisotry. The scholarship will support students pursing studies in anthropology, archaeology, history, linguistics, and related fields that preserve and promote Andean culture.

The UCSB Anthropology Scholarship

This scholarship was founded by a group of anthropologists at the University of California- Santa Barbara to provide opportunities for students to pursue studies in anthropology or other fields related to cultural preservation and history.

The Jill Ker Conway Scholarship

This scholarship honors the memory of Jill Ker Conway, former President of Smith College, author of The Road From Coorain and a leader in corporate reform. Conway was a leader in women’s education and had a lifelong commitment to expanding women’s leadership in that field as well as in the world of business and finance. She travelled to Peru in the late 1980s and developed a deep love for its rural areas.  The scholarship will provide support for a student in the field of education, nursing, or business administration.

Drs. Joseph E. and Helen J. Bourque Scholarship

This scholarship honors the memory of Helen and Joseph Bourque and was established by their children and grandchildren. The Bourques met and married while at Cornell University and practiced medicine together for forty years. They visited Peru several times and traveled extensively in the sierra and the altiplano. They loved Peru, its vibrant culture and people. They would be delighted to know they are supporting educational opportunities for rural students.

Myron P. Glazer Scholarship in Social Sciences

This scholarship honors the memory of Myron P. Glazer with support for a student studying the social sciences or topics related to moral and ethical courage. His long standing interest in social reform and ethics began in Santiago, Chile where he conducted a study of Chilean University students. Throughout his years of teaching and writing he emphasized the resistance and courage of those attempting to improve their societies. Professor Glazer taught sociology at Smith College and in collaboration with his wife, Penina Glazer, wrote several groundbreaking books on whistleblowers and environmental crusaders. He was a lifelong feminist and co-directed the Project on Women and Social Change with Christine Shelton.

The David Scott Palmer Scholarship

This scholarship honors the memory of Scott Palmer, a distinguished scholar of Latin American politics whose specialties included Peruvian politics. A Peace Corp volunteer in Peru in the 1960’s, he developed a deep affection for the sierra and its people. He spent much of his career as a beloved professor of politics and international relations at Boston University where he developed the Latin American Studies program and taught and inspired generations of students.

Sisto and Phyllis Mazza Scholarship

This scholarship honors the memory of Sisto and Phyllis Mazza and was established by their children and grandchildren. The Mazza’s were husband and wife and lived in Trinidad, Colorado, a rural community located in southern Colorado. They believed in the value of a good education and always encouraged their children and grandchildren to continue furthering their education.  They would be delighted to know they are supporting educational opportunities for rural students.

The Aquiles Tomecich Scholarship

Aquiles was born in Huancayo, Peru and graduated with honors from Colegio Los Salesianos. He then went on to study architecture at Arizona State (BS) and Florida State (MS). He returned to Peru to help promote Andean identity and designed the civic center in his family’s ancestral pueblo, Sincos, in the Valley of Mantaro. This scholarship provides support for students who are leading change in their community and/or promoting Andean identity through their work.

David A. Moghadam, DMD Scholarship

The David A. Moghadam, DMD Scholarship honors Dr. Moghadam’s excellence in dentistry. The scholarship supports the studies of a student in the field of dentistry.

Dr. W. Timothy Scharle Scholarship 

This scholarship is in honor of Dr. W. Timothy Scharle who is a highly respected internal medicine doctor in the Lehigh Valley. He admired by other doctors and others in the medical field, as well as by his patients. Dr. Scharle is a doctor’s doctor,  one in a million. The scholarship supports the studies of a student in the healthcare field.

Derek Buchner Scholarship

The scholarship honors the memory of Derek Buchner with support for a student studying a field related to the environment and conservation or for a student who has shown exceptional volunteerism in their community. Derek completed a master’s degree in environmental horticulture at the University of Washington in 2015. He was passionate about environmental conservation and preserving native plant and animal species. His work included invasive plant eradication in Seattle, Washington parks.  His own yard was a haven for multiple bird species.  He was especially proud of his bee and butterfly pollinator garden.

In 2006 when Derek was a sophomore in college, he volunteered in the community of Chijnaya, where he taught English to local villagers and is still remembered by people in the community today. Derek died September 29, 2020 at the age of 33 of a blood cancer.

Phyllis S. Solomon Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Phyllis S. Solomon (1924 – 2020), a nurse and public health champion, whose life was dedicated to life-long learning, healing, mentoring and ensuring access to healthcare. In honor of Phyllis’s commitment to care for all who are in need, the Phyllis S. Solomon Scholarship will be awarded to a student who exemplifies the same tireless pursuit of excellence, intellectual curiosity and character that Phyllis demonstrated during her 38 years as a public servant. The recipient of the Scholarship will be pursuing a degree in the medical or public health fields, and is planning to use their studies to improve the healthcare system and access to care.

The Friends Scholarship

The Friends Scholarship honors close friends of the donor,  dear ones whose kindness and generosity touches many,  including residents of the Foundation’s partner communities.  These women’s vision and sustained commitment to the well-being of families and communities is extraordinary.   This scholarship is established to support a student who demonstrates promise as a leader in any field of study

The Presidents’ Scholarship

The Presidents’ Scholarship honors The Chijnaya Foundation founding president, Dr. Ralph Bolton, and its current president, Dr. Susan Bourque, for their initiative, leadership, expertise, time, and deep commitment to the work of the Foundation.   The Foundation exists and thrives because of their talents, dedication to its work, and decades-long devotion to people of the antiplano.  This scholarship is established to support the education of a student who has demonstrated leadership and commitment to building community. 

Dr. Edward M. Dew III Memorial Scholarship

When Ed arrived in the Peruvian Altiplano in the mid-1960s to do his dissertation research in Political Science, he found several Peace Corps volunteers there, who welcomed him warmly. Their help was profound. One of these volunteers was a fellow graduate of Pomona College and, later, founder of The Chijnaya Foundation, Ralph Bolton. Ed greatly admired Ralph’s work and has supported The Chijnaya Foundation for many years. Ed’s interest in Peru, the beauty of the people and the land, stayed with him for the rest of his life. After earning his PHD from UCLA Ed returned, with his family, to Peru to serve as Regional Director of the Peace Corps in Huancayo. The whole family visited the Altiplano during that time. After that he taught Politics for 45 years at Fairfield University in Connecticut. His academic focus was mainly on South- , Central America and the Caribbean regions. His first book was Politics in the Altiplano. He also wrote two books on Suriname and published many articles. His interest in agrarian reform led to fieldwork in many countries. He always encouraged an interdisciplinary approach in his teaching. The politics of a region can not be understood without an understanding of the whole culture of the society. This led him also to become the Director of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program as well as establishing the International Relations Program. He served, on rotation, many years as Chair of the Politics Department. Ed’s family wishes to continue his support for The Chijnaya Foundation and especially for education, by establishing this scholarship to fund a deserving student from the Peruvian Altiplano region in a field that will benefit both the student and society.

The Chijnaya Foundation is truly a model for collaborative, sustainable development, supporting rural communities in the Department of Puno to design and build better futures for themselves. The program of university scholarships exemplifies this spirit by opening a ladder of social and economic mobility to poor rural students. I’ve spent many rewarding seasons studying the rich archaeological heritage of these people and their lands, so supporting scholarships is a great way to help give back. – Elizabeth Arkush, CARI Scholarship Supporter

I am forever indebted to the rural altiplano communities who supported me during my archaeological fieldwork. By contributing to Chijnaya’s scholarship program, I can give back in a small way by helping the next generation of local scholars with their university studies.” – Sarah Abraham, UCSB Scholarship Supporter


Making a donation on behalf of someone is a great gift idea for the socially conscious people in your life and a beautiful way to honor a loved one’s memory. To donate on behalf of someone please add the “in honor of…” or “in memory of..” information in the section marked “special note” on the online donation form. We will send a card to the person you would like to honor to let them know that a donation was made on their behalf.


If you are interested in setting up a recurring monthly donation simply select the “Make this a recurring donation” box when you donate, and your donation will automatically be submitted each month.


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When you fundraise it not only helps fund community projects but also spreads awareness on the culture of altiplano communities, the challenges they face, and the work that is being done to assist them.  If you are interested in fundraising to support the projects in Peru, you can start a campaign through our GoFundMe page. You can also explore ideas on how to create a successful fundraising event on our fundraising page.


 100% of your contribution goes directly to projects in Peru.

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