2021 Accomplishments



COVID-19 and Other Health-Related Projects


Handwashing stations implemented in a local elementary school to ensure a safe return to in-person classes


Radio programs of Salud y Economía al Día broadcasted on a local radio to provide communities with information on health and financial education


PPE and informational kits were distributed to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 during in-person voting for presidential elections


Children received training on dental hygiene and hygiene kits to support healthy habits at home

Hand washing stations 2021
Dental hygiene training

The Scholarship Program


Scholarships provided to students from rural communities to pursue higher education.

2021 men vs women in chijnaya scholarship program
2021 university vs technical institute data chijnaya scholarship program

In 2013, scholarships recipients  formed a group that they call Mosoq Riqchary, meaning “New Dawn” in Quechua. They meet throughout the year and use their studies to work on projects that address some of the challenges their home communities face. In 2021, their projects focused on:

  • Tutoring young students to decrease learning loss during the pandemic
  • Psychological assistance
  • Helping artisans sell products online
  • Vocation orientation- helping junior and senior students of high school find a career path and education plan
  • Anemia prevention
  • Waste Handling
Scholar psychology project

The Economic Development Program


Invested by communities in projects they designed to improve their income generating activities and family economy.

The following tables provide information on the economic development projects communities implemented through the Chijnaya Foundation Rotating Fund Program in 2021:

Cattle Herding Community Projects


Project # of Direct Beneficiaries (Households)
Oat Seed Purchase 213
Animal Sheds 28
Feeding Troughs 20
Portable Feeding Troughs 19
Cheese Plant 40
Purchase of Calves, Heifers, or Bulls 19
Haylofts 21
Cement Blocks for Construction 9
Electric and motorized pumps 3
Bathroom Biodigestor 1
Total 373

Alpaca Herding Community Projects


Project # of Direct Beneficiaries (Households)
Alpacas for Breeding 16
Total 16

Artisan  Projects


Project # of Direct Beneficiaries (Households)
Covered Artisan Workshops 12
Paraffins 14
Paint 10
Air Compressors 18
Glass Display Cabinets 10
Total 64

Rural Tourism

Project # of Direct Beneficiaries (Households)
Drip Irrigation Systems 40
Tourism Services Improvement 20
Massage Parlor 20
Fish Food for Trout Farm 8
Total 88
Drip irrigation project training

The Group Savings Program


Saved and invested by the 16 savings groups and community banks of The Group Savings Program.

Accessing loans with fair interest rates can be very difficult for rural communities in Peru. The Group Savings Program facilitates the creation of small savings groups and community banks  to provide members with a place within their community to save their money and take out loans. All of the money saved and invested by these groups comes from the members themselves. The groups are able to provide members with low interest rate loans and all interest paid on the loans directly benefit the groups’ savings. The program also provides the groups with financial education on topics such as how to save and create a family budget, as well as topics related to managing the finances of a small business. In 2021, savings group members reported using their savings and loans to purchase business inventory, cover children’s educational expenses, cover medical expenses, and purchase small farm animals. Women play a major role in these organizations and often assume leadership positions, including offices of President and Treasurer.

Savings program meeting in 2021
Community bank meeting 2021
Cumulative Savings Group Gender Data 2021
Rotating Savings Group Gender Data 2021
2021 total savings per year
2021 savings per group

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