The Chijnaya Foundation

Assistance to Communities in the Andean Highlands of Southern Peru.

What We Do

The Chijnaya Foundation works in partnership with rural communities in Southern Peru to design and implement self-sustaining projects in health, education, and economic development. We believe in the capacity of Andean people to create self-sustaining activities that will improve their living standards and quality of life.

Economic Development

Economic Development

Economic development for rural communities is at the heart of the Chijnaya Foundation mission, specifically agricultural microlending.

Health and the Environment

Health and the Environment

The fortunes of families and communities are closely tied to basic health care access, clean water, and native plant and aquatic ecosystems.



We responds to the overwhelming demand of rural families for access to higher education by establishing a university scholarship program.

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Welcome Letter from Susan C. Bourque

Dear Friends and Supporters of The Chijnaya Foundation: As a new member of the Board of Directors of The Chijnaya Foundation, I attended my first annual meeting of the Board in January 2017. My introduction to the Foundation came via a letter much like this one. When...

A New Year For Collaboration On The Altiplano

Happy New Year to Friends of The Chijnaya Foundation, As we enter 2017, we look forward with enthusiasm to a year of collaboration with the people in our communities on the Altiplano. We know that they are eager to get to work on projects which will improve the...

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