The Chijnaya Foundation

Assisting Communities in the Southern Highlands of Peru

We are dedicated to ending extreme poverty in underserved Andean communities

The Chijnaya Foundation works in partnership with rural communities in Southern Peru to design and implement self-sustaining projects in health, education, and economic development. We work with communities long term to develop a comprehensive development strategy and on-going collaboration to meet their goals.


You can now create more opportunities for students to access higher education in rural communities in Peru by creating a named scholarship. Read about current scholarships and find out how you can pay tribute to a loved one through this program.


Economic Development

Economic Development

Rural community economic development is at the heart of the Chijnaya Foundation mission, specifically agricultural microlending.

Health and the Environment

Health & the Environment

The fortunes of families and communities are closely tied to basic health care access, clean water, and native plant and aquatic ecosystems.



We respond to the overwhelming demand of rural families for access to higher education by establishing a university scholarship program.


The Chijnaya Foundation works in the Puno region of Peru, a southern state that borders Bolivia. In Puno, our work is focused in the altiplano, a geographic area of high altitude plains and rolling hills that is located at elevations of 12,500 feet and above. The Foundation has worked with communities in the following six districts in Puno: Pucará, Choquehuanca, Taraco, Paratía, Capachica, and Amantani. 


In 2021 your donations provided handwashing stations to rural schools, helped communities save and invest their own money through the Group Savings Program, supported community-led projects on the Peruvian altiplano, and so much more!



Community members work with our on-the-ground staff to design projects tailored to their specific needs and goals. Find out what communities would like to accomplish in 2022 and how you can support these community-led projects.

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Quarterly Report: Updates from 2022

Quarterly Report: Sharing Some Highlights from 2022! Thanks to the generous support of donors, 2022 was a banner year for the Chijnaya Foundation and for Pro DIA, our Peruvian partner organization. We invested over $200,000 in altiplano communities and are eager to...

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