2019 Economic Development Projects

Cattle Herding Communities

Cattle herding communities rely on milk production as their main source of income. In 2019, elven communities used their rotating loan fund  to invest in projects to increase their milk production and diversify their income generating activities.

Project # of Beneficiaries
Oat seed purchase 139
Animal sheds 13
Mini stables 17
Feeding troughs 4
Water troughs 13
Motorized plant cutter to harvest oats 1
Purchase of calves and heifers 10
Purchase of young bulls for breeding 10
Purchase of sheep for breeding 2


Four artisan groups that produce ceramics used their rotating fund to improve the quality and quanitity of the products they produce.


Project # of Beneficiaries
Ceramic artist supplies 64
Ceramic artist equipment 3
Ceramic artisan studios 10



Alpaca Herding Communities

Alpaca herders are working to improve the quanitity and quality of the fur they produce. Their goal is to sell hard spun yarn instead of simply selling fur. Current projects are aimed at improving animal health and fur production as the first steps towards this goal.

Project # of Beneficiaries
Mobile sheds 25
Purchase of alpacas for breeding 21

Tourism Associations

We work with 2 tourism association located on the shores of the famous Lake Titicaca in Ccotos and La Isla Tikonata. The two groups are working to build and improve tourist  accomodations. 


Project # of Beneficiaries
Solar panels 14
Fiber boats 14
Construction of kitchens and dining rooms 10


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