2020 Projects



Community Project Proposals

Communities submit project proposals at the end of every year. Check out what they would like to accomplish in 2020! Your donations will make these projects possible.

Isla Tikonata Solar Project

The tourism association of the breathtaking Isla Tikonata has been working to build infrastructure on the island to accommodate tourists. Although there are bathrooms on the island, there is currently no source of hot water. The association submitted a proposal to implement solar thermal water heaters to improve the local tourism industry.

Alpaca Yarn Project

Five alpaca herding communities are working together to increase and improve the fur they produce as well as create a small business to sell handspun yarn that will greatly increase their income. This project has many factors including implementing mobile animal sheds to improve animal health, improving breeding practices through trainings and by investing in high quality alpacas, investing in equipment to shear alpacas, restoring the bofedales (high wetlands) where alpacas graze, and providing capacity building to help them grow their business.

Qqepa and Ccacco- Animal Sheds

The communities of Qqepa and Ccacco would like to build animal sheds to protect their cattle from the harsh climate of the altiplano. These sheds will also be a factor in helping them to raise high milk-producing cattle that are usually raised at lower elevations and struggle to survive or produce high quantities of milk at the high elevations of the altiplano. This project is a part of a series of projects that cattle herding communities are implementing in order to increase milk production and therefore their income.

Asociación Virgen de Copacabana- Air Compressors

Asociación Virgen de Copacabana is an artisan group that produces ceramics. They have been working on projects to improve the quantity and quality of the ceramics they produce as a way to increase their income. This year they have submitted a proposal to invest in air compressors that will be used to improve the painting process of their ceramics.

Asociación Incasamana- Tourism Services Improvement

Asociación Incasamana is a tourism association located in the beautiful community of Ccotos on the shores of Lake Titicaca. They have been working to build the necessary infrastructure to transform their properties into home-stays for tourists. They have used past funds to build bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and dining rooms. This year they have proposed a project to invest in furniture and accessories required complete the rooms they previously built.

Huancarani- Underground Silos

The community of Huancarani has proposed a project to build underground grain silos. Milk production of their cattle decreases in the dry season because they are unable to grow alfalfa and oats due to the freezing temperatures and lack of precipitation. Underground silos will allow them to store grains harvested at the end of the rainy season and feed it to their cattle throughout the dry season, which will help them to maintain a high level of milk production throughout the year.

woman with hay

Chillin and Mallajasi- Oat Seed Purchase

The communities of Chillin and Mallajasi proposed a project to invest in oat seeds that will allow them to expand their production of oats. The harvested oat seeds are a nutrient rich food source for cattle that will increase milk production and oat hay can be sold for an additional profit. This project will be funded using a rotating loan, so communities will have funds to continue to invest in oat seeds in the future.

Asociación de Ciegos- Massage Center

This is the first year that the Asociacón de Ciegos has requested to work with The Chijnaya Foundation. They are an association of blind individuals living in Puno. Many members of the association struggle to find a secure source of income, so they have proposed a project to create a massage center. They already rent a space where they would like to put the center and many members are certified in massage therapy. Their proposal includes investing in the necessary equipment like tables, chairs, sheets, and a computer. This project will help beneficiaries to have a secure source of income.

Scholarships to Pursue Higher Education

47 students have been selected to receive scholarships to pursue higher education in 2020. 34 of the students plan to attend universities and 13 plan to attend technical institutes.

Oral Health Program

The Oral Health Program will continue to work in the local schools to provide fluoride treatments, dental procedures, and educational trainings to students and parents. The program will also continue to work in partnership with the local health posts to provide dental services to adults in the network of communities throughout the year.

Savings Program

The Savings Program will continue to assist interested communities in forming and facilitating savings groups. Savings groups give communities a way to save their money, earn interest, and also take out loans. This year the program will also provide the communities with financial education that will help them to grow their small businesses.

Agriculture Equipment

The communities of Huancarani, Jallahua, and Tuni Requena have proposed projects to buy a tractor for their communities that could be rented out to community members throughout the year. These projects will be funded by traditional loans from interested individuals instead of through a rotating loan model. If you are interested in investing in these projects please contact us at [email protected].

Join us in making a difference in 2020!


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