Between July 1st-August 31st, all donations will be matched up to $75,000

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This is What You Make Possible

  • Empower 740 small businesses in 30 communities by supporting their economic development projects
  • Provide scholarships to 49 university students
  • Help communities save and invest over $55K of their own money through the Savings Program
  • Provide fluoride treatments to 2,000 children

This is How You Can Increase Your Impact

  • Donate and your contribution will automatically be DOUBLED
  • Fundraise and QUADRUPLE your impact
  • Share this work to spread awareness of issues Andean communities face

In addition to sharing this opportunity to increase your impact, we write to thank you for your investment in the highland communities of Peru and to share what your support has accomplished over the past months. Thanks to you, despite the pandemic and its devastating impact, our Peruvian team and their indigenous community partners have achieved the following:

  • Weekly radio broadcasts in both Spanish and Quechua with health and financial guidance for navigating the pandemic
  • Distribution of materials about social distancing and COVID prevention during the Peruvian national elections
  • Expansion of the Group Savings Program to 13 communities with increased women’s participation and leadership
  • Awarded scholarships to 49 students from 24 communities to attend a University or a technical school
  • Implemented 11 projects through the Rotating Fund Program

Social and economic inequalities continue to be central issues for rural and indigenous communities throughout Peru

Your support for the Rotating Funds Program changes the economic profile and prospects for these communities. Working with our Peruvian partner organization, ProDIA, communities identify projects to improve the family economy by strategic investment in sustainable projects. Your donations go directly toward funding these projects. Over the past 16 years over $244,000 has been invested and the initial loan repaid. Once the original loan is repaid, the funds are available to the community for re-investment in a new project that supports their economic development goals.

When you invest in one project, you make it possible for communities to implement projects for many years to come! This model has proven to be successful and sustainable over the past 16 years.

Please invest in these projects because they directly address the challenges that these communities continue to face. This is your opportunity to double your impact: six supporters of the Foundation have agreed to match all donations made between July 1st and August 31st, up to $75,000.

You are an essential part of the Chijnaya community and we are deeply grateful for your generosity and your commitment to creating a more just world.


Susan C. Bourque, President and member of the Board
[email protected]

Liz Klarich, Secretary and member of the Board
[email protected] &

Kimmy Mazza, General Operations Manager
[email protected]

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