Dear Friends of the Foundation,

We want to thank you for your support of community-led projects in the Peruvian altiplano in 2021. Thanks to you, we received the full $20K matching grant towards the Scholarship Program and will be able to provide scholarships to 50 students from the rural communities we partner with in 2022. Since the last newsletter, four additional named scholarships have been created- The Phyllis S. Solomon Scholarship, the Aquiles Tomecich Scholarship, the Derek Buchner Scholarship, and the David A. Moghadam Scholarship. These scholarships not only create opportunities for students, but also honor beloved family and friends. Please email [email protected] if you would like more information on how to establish a named scholarship or donate towards an existing one.

Your Support Creates More Viable Economic Opportunities in the Rural Sector

Your support of the Group Savings and the Rotating Fund Programs helped communities and individuals invest in their small businesses, gain more financial self-reliance, and create more viable economic enterprises. In 2021, the 16 groups in the Group Savings Program saved $83,127 and used their savings for medical, educational, agricultural and business investments. These groups have strengthened families’ and communities’ finances and provided members with a place within their community to save and take out low-interest loans. Last year the Rotating Fund Program helped 541 families invest a total of $169,743 in productive projects to support the development of income generating activities. Among the projects undertaken are the implementation of drip irrigation systems, investment in animals for breeding, and the construction of a community cheese plant. 

Artisan Association Empowers Women Through Traditional Crafts

This year five new communities submitted project proposals to the Rotating Fund Program. One project is from the community of Escallani, located on the shores of Lake Titicaca. In 2018 the Asociación de Mujeres Emprendadoras Kantutas was created to empower women by providing economic opportunities through artisanry that highlight local resources and traditions. Currently, the association produces Andean textiles and crafts made from totora reeds. They designed a project to improve and increase their production of textiles by investing in sewing machines, sergers, knitting machines, irons, and scales for their craft workshop. The association estimates that these investments will help members increase their income by 150%.

Women's Association of Escallani

Thank you again for playing a vital role in supporting these community-led initiatives. We are deeply grateful for your generosity and commitment to creating a more equitable world. Please continue to invest in these communities through the Chijnaya Foundation in 2022 and do not hesitate to contact us or other Board members with feedback or questions.


Susan C. Bourque, President and member of the Board
[email protected]

Kimmy Mazza, General Operations Manager
[email protected]

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